Baked Brown Button Mushrooms

Craving for something mushroom-y, bacon-y and cheese-y, X and I made these cute, little  and yummy babies. Remember the Baked Portobello Mushroom? Using the same recipe but different type of mushroom (brown button mushroom), these mushrooms do not have the Portobello flavour, but it is still good. As they are small, cute and tasty, they serve as great appetisers for hungry guests. A box of mushrooms (200g) can roughly yield enough for 4 to 6 people as appetisers, but X and I ate them all up by ourselves, because they are so, so addictive!

Start off with 200 grams of fresh brown button mushrooms, that will be around 16 to 17 mushrooms. Fresh only please. Please never, ever use canned button mushrooms for this recipe!

And some bacon... around 60 grams or so.

Sun didn't come out, so the photo's a little dark.

1 slice of cheddar cheese, divided into 16 small squares, or enough to divide among the mushrooms. Use more if needed, and eat the rest.

Calcium is good for bones (:

Sun is out! Hooray for nice, bright photos.

Only need 1/4 of a small onion. Finely chopped! You can also add in some garlic if you want, but I'm too lazy that day.

Gently wash the mushrooms. Dry them and remove the stem. Place them on an oiled baking tray. I chopped the mushroom stems up finely because I plan to add them into the bacon mixture later.

Chop up the bacon.

This is sinful good stuff.

Dump them into a frying pan (without oil!) and let them fry, stirring occasionally until they are browned. Add in a little bit of oil when needed. When the bacon is browned and slightly crispy, add in the onion and chopped mushroom stems and fry till the onion and mushrooms have softened. Season with black pepper and salt (if needed) and set aside to cool slightly.

Using a small spoon, place heaping spoonfuls of mixture onto the mushrooms.

Try to restrain yourself from eating the bacon mixture.

Gorgeous, no?

Next place the cheese on top.

Yea that's me and my fatty fingers in the background.

Bake them at 190 degrees Celsius for 15 to 20 minutes until the mushrooms have softened and the cheese has melted. Serve immediately!

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  2. does it work with white button mushrooms too?

  3. Hi annonymous,

    Yes I'm quite sure it will work with white button mushrooms, just that the taste will be different as different mushrooms have different taste (:


  4. lirong!

    haha come my house soon (:

  5. Oh my that is so genius!

  6. Rooth: Thank you! How about making them this weekend? They're super addictive!

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  8. Oh my lord, that looks so good! Like little bites of heaven.