Easy Grilled Steak

Sorry it’s not a very good photo… I couldn’t wait to devour the steak so I didn’t really put in effort to take a good shot… :p This was a simple lunch that I cooked many weeks back (heh). It’s my first attempt to cook a steak, and I was so worried the steak would…

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4 Pisa

The Leaning Tower of…

Click HERE to see other Europe travelogues! …Pisa! (I’m sure most of you would have gotten it right just by looking at the title!) (: After leaving Rome / Vatican City reluctantly, we headed for a day trip to Pisa before going to Florence. Pisa is a city in central Italy and it’s a couple…

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Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival – Piggy and Bunny Mooncakes

This is a story about a piggie meeting a bunny… not. Today is the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar… so… Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Also known as Lantern Festival or Mooncake Festival, it is a popular festival for the Chinese besides the Lunar Chinese New Year. When I was younger,…

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Spiral Staircase

Vatican City

Click HERE to see other Europe travelogues! St. Peter’s Basilica A city inside a city. Vatican City is still an amazingly beautiful place where X and I spent more than half a day admiring its glory and splendour. The famous spiral staircase The tour of Vatican City will begin with a visit to the Vatican Museum. The…

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2 Rome

Roaming in Rome, Italy

Click HERE to see other Europe travelogues! Colosseum After visiting the beautiful Athens and romantic Santorini, X and I took a flight to Rome. Rome is an amazing city – I love the architecture, I love the people and I love the food. X and I were practically gorging ourselves silly with pastas and pizzas…

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