Aspiring Bakers #34: Choux Party!

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EDIT 1 Sep 2013: The Choux Party has ended! Thank you so much for all of your submissions! Do head over HERE for the roundup!

Hi everyone!

I’ve finally mustered up the courage and volunteered to be a host for an event – the Aspiring Bakers! Thank you Small Small Baker for giving me the chance to host the event. The theme I’ve chosen for this month (August) is CHOUX! 


pastry cream

Pastry Cream

I’m sure choux is not something new to many of you out there! I would love to see all of your choux creations this month – cream puffs, swan puffs, croquembouche, éclairs – and they can be filled with anything – pastry cream, whipped cream, ice cream, savoury filling… Do join me in the baking fun! All sweet and savoury choux – as long as the choux are made from scratch – will be accepted!

Who can join?

Everyone and anyone! Even if you don’t have a blog, you are welcome to join too, just submit a photo and the recipe of your bake and I will post it in the round-up.

How to join?

Step 1:

Bake some choux  – choux must be home-made and not store-bought – and fill it with any desired filling. Or you can use the choux and assemble into a cake or other desserts. 

Step 2:

Blog about your choux recipe between 1 August 2013 to 31 August 2013.

Your post must include the recipe or link to the original recipe. If you are using a recipe from a book, please include the title of the book too.

Any entries that are posted outside the date range will not be accepted. 
Any entries that do not include a recipe or link to the original recipe will not be accepted too. 

Step 3:

Please mention that you are submitting your post to Aspiring Bakers #34: Choux Party (August 2013) hosted by Jasline of Foodie Baker and provide a link back to this post HERE.

Entries will not be accepted if the above is not included. 

Step 4:

Email to by 31 August 2013 in the following format:

Your name or nickname:

Your blog name: (omit this if you do not have a blog)
Name of your bake/dish:
URL of your post:

URL of your photo (one photo for each entry):

(alternatively, you can attach your photo in your email, preferably less than 500kb).

Please use “Aspiring Bakers #34” as your email subject. You may submit more than 1 entry.
The roundup will be posted on 1 September 2013.

EDIT: If you’re interested in finding out what’s on the previous Aspiring Bakers #33: Tropical Spiky Month, hosted by Mimi Bakery House, do head over HERE for the round-up (listed at the end of the post!)

Happy baking!


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