THB #29: Dark Chocolate Cheesecake + Corelle Cherish & Snapware Eco Flow Review


Time for The Home Bakers again! This time we are making a lovely chocolate cheesecake, chosen by MiMi Bakery House. This is one of my favourite bakes though I deviated from the original recipe quite significantly – this is originally a white chocolate cheesecake! But after siezing two batches of white chocolate over the double… 

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Oreo Oreo Cheesecake

I have officially graduated and am now starting on my full-time job! It’s kind of scary, thinking about it, but so far so good! But of course, being on a full-time job, I’ll have less time to bake/cook… and blog… but luckily there’s 2 public holidays this month, hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze some… 

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Japanese Cheesecake

First… happy 2010! (: A new year, a new start. However, I still have food entries from last year that I’ve yet to blog about. I was flipping through my collection of recipes when I stumbled upon this very old recipe book that my friend gave it to me. I saw this Japanese cheesecake recipe… 

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