Thank You!

I am so honoured and so loved! And the reason why?

Sugar Craving Baker nominated me for three awards – Sunshine Award, The Versatile Blogger Award and the ABC Award.  She is an extremely sweet lady who loves baking, ice creams, monkeys, and horror movies! She baked some really awesome baked goods and I wish I can fly over to try her carrot cake. Thank you so much for the awards! :)

Vered from Eat Now Talk Later and Sibella from Baking with Sibella also nominated me for the Liebster award – thank you so much! Vered’s food diary is filled with delicious food – and I just bookmarked her mouth-watering Baked Chicken with Sweet Potato Mash. Sibella’s Dream Cake looks really delicious – and I was so inspired by her that I helped my best friend baked her Dream Cake (recipe below!)

Once again, thank you so much ladies! It’s been a pleasure knowing you three and an honour to receive such wonderful awards from you!

And I’m now going to pass on the love!

An award for bloggers you think are fabulous! Do answer the questions below so that others can know more about you!

    • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Animal: Dog
  • Favorite Number: 2?
  • My passion: Feeding the people I love and travel
  • Prefer getting or giving presents: Bot
  • Favorite pattern: Checkered?
  • Favorite Day of the week: Saturday (my baking day!)
  • Favorite Flower: Sunflower

I’m nominating:

Joyce from Kitchen Flavours
Lena from Her Frozen Wings
Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids
Sibella from Baking with Sibella
Shumaila from The Novice Housewife

I’ve shared 7 things about myself in my previous post… and I’ll share more below via the ABC Award!

I’m nominating:

Quay Po Cooks
Alice from I Love I Cook I Bake
Abbygail from Abbygail’s Kitchen
Anuja from Simple Baking
Girl in a Food Frenzy

The rule is to share 26 things about yourself from letters A to Z… and here I go!

    • Alone – I like to be around people, but there are times when I like to retreat into a quiet places and be uncontactable.
  • Braces – I’ve been doing braces for 4 years and counting (most people do it for 2 years, but I had a really odd case of teeth which resulted in such a long braces treatment). My dentist told me I should be able to take it out this year – I can’t wait!
  • CSI – I’m a huge lover of this American crime drama – I watch all Las Vegas, Miami and New York episodes.
  • Dogs – I love dogs and I wish to keep a Golden Retriever and a German Shepherd in the future…
  • Europe – I travelled to Europe last year – passing by 12 countries and 18 cities. I would definitely love to go there again!
  • Food photography – I’ve always been very interested in this field but I’m still not good at it.
  • Graduation – I graduated last year in July and stepped into the work-force in August. It’s been a really challenging journey.
  • Horror movies – My least favourite genre of movies! I have a fear of these movies.
  • Innards – As gross as this might sound, I love to eat innards – pig’s blood, cow’s tongue, pig’s intestines, chicken hearts etc. (absolutely love grilled chicken hearts and braised pig’s intestines!)
  • Jamie Oliver – I used to call him my favourite man. Haha. He’s a very inspiring cook and I really loved his cooking shows.
  • Kenwood KMX51 Raspberry kMix Stand Mixer – my dream mixer… I’ve always preferred Kenwood to Kitchenaid I don’t know why… the raspberry colour is so beautiful!
  • L
  • Messy – I am a very messy person – I have documents, letters, keys, books lying all over my table and it’s a storm sometimes, trying to find the things…
  • Nigella – she’s my favourite woman… I love how relax she is when she whips up simple yet delicious-looking dishes.
  • Oven – my current oven can only fit maximum a 9-inch pan (or 9 – 12 cupcakes). I’m really wishing for a larger oven…
  • Pisces – my horoscope sign – and I think I do possess some traits of a Pisces…
  • Q
  • Running Man – This is my top favourite variety show (Korean) – it never fails to crack me up.
  • Sunflower – my favourite flower and one of my dream is to visit a sunflower field!
  • Travel – I love to travel and learn more about the history, the culture and the food. It’s wonderful to be exposed to new things and new experiences.
  • U
  • Varlhona – this is my top favourite chocolate brand – it costs SGD 40 for a 1 kilogram bar but I really think it’s worth it!
  • Weekends – I do most of my baking/cooking and photography of the food on weekends… that’s the only free time I have!
  • X
  • Yukata – I would love to travel to Japan one day and try on a yukata – it’s really pretty!
  • Zzzzz – I have an unhealthy habit of sleeping late (and then complain of insufficient sleep in the day) when most of the time it’s my own fault for not sleeping early!

I’ve gotta leave letters L, Q, U and X blank because I really can’t think of anything! Will fill up the remaining letters if I ever thought of anything… :p

I’m nominating:

Bobbi from Bam’s Kitchen
Janine from Not the Kitchen Sink
Filing away Cupcakes
Smidge from Just a Smidgen
Ann from Anncoo Journal

The Liebster Blog Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

The Meaning; Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

I’m nominating:

A Pug in the Kitchen
Leslie from Leslie the Foodie
Villy from For the Love of Feeding
Alan from Travelling Foodies
Emmy from Emmy Cooks

Do a dance if you’ve been nominated! If you’ve received the award before, do a dance too! Then pass on the love! :)

Will be sharing a layered cake recipe soon! Stay tune! ;)


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  1. says

    Congratulations with all your awards! You deserved them all! Well done!

    Thanks for giving me one of your awards. It is my honour baking a lot with you. There are always lots of opportunity for me to learn from you.

    PS. I love Milo too

  2. says

    Thanks Sam! I hope you have the chance to go there soon, it’s a beautiful place! Oooh I really loved dogs… but I lived in a small apartment, can’t keep big dogs!

  3. says

    Congrats on your award! ooh! I’m jealous you went to Europe! It’s a dream destination for me! Would love to go too! And I had 3 goldies before!! I miss them so muchiee!

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