Nasi Lemak Burger - Assembly
Yield: Makes 5 burgers
  • 5 eggs
  • 5 pieces of parchment paper - 20x30cm each
  • 10 Rice Patties
  • Chilli Sauce
  • 5 Fried Chicken
  • Vegetables (lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumber)
  • Ikan Bilis
  1. Fry each egg into a sunny-side egg - use the same ring that you used for the rice patties so they are the size.
  2. Place 1 rice patty on a parchment paper. Place it closer to the shorter edge of the parchment paper so you can lift up the other side to wrap the burger later.
  3. Spread the top of the rice with Chili Sauce. Place the sunny-side egg on top of the rice, followed by Fried Chicken, Vegetables (just a little will do) and Ikan Bilis. Top with a bit more Chili Sauce. Carefully place the second rice patty on top.
  4. Serve the burger - lift up the other side of the parchment burger over the top, tuck in the sides and use your hands to lift up the entire burger. Enjoy with the rest of the Chili Sauce and Ikan Bilis!
Naggy Notes
- The rice patties will just disintegrate if we try to hold the burger with our bare hands. So getting our inspiration from MOS Burger, we wrapped up our burger with parchment paper.
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