How to Eat Hairy Crab

Pardon the long absence from the blogosphere! I’ve been busy with events and was away on holidays… but I’ve not neglected my blog! For the past one month, I’ve been preparing for a major revamp of my site and here it is! I’m not back to WordPress with a new layout! I’m still in the midst of updating my posts and tweeking the blog layout, but those are just minor details. I’ll be blogging more about the move in the future, but first let’s talk about an info-graphic that I just received from Ogilvy and Putien!

Hairy crabs, also known as Chinese mitten crabs or big sluice crabs, is a small-sized crab named for its furry claws. It is a Chinese delicacy, prized for its crab roe  – and now the hairy crab season is here! I’m not a fan of crab roe (I prefer crab meat), but if you are, the info-graphic below will be a useful guide on how to eat them!

Putien's Guide to Eating Hairy Crab

Have fun crabbing! ;)

Chicken, Chorizo and Prawn Paella (Gordon Ramsay)

Chicken, Chorizo and Prawn Paella

Another Gordon Ramsay recipe! Paella is a dish that I love after having tried it in Spain during my graduation trip (how I wish I can go back there!) But I have not tried making it because saffron is so expensive here! A small box of saffron will set me back by at least $10!

The chance to make paella came when X wanted to cook something for me – so he sponsored all the ingredients, but somehow it ended up me cooking the dish… oops!

The preparation is very straight forward, sauté the ingredients, add stock and seafood, and simmer until done – definitely manageable!

Chicken, Chorizo and Prawn Paella

We splurged a little and bought tiger prawns but I think it would have been equally good with other large prawns – tiger prawns are quite pricey! We also substituted Spanish rice with Arborio rice and made the paella in my 12-inch non-stick frying pan. Was really glad the paella turned out well despite not having the traditional equipment!

I really love the paella as it was so delicious and flavourful! Will definitely be making it more often in the future.


All the ingredients used! I just realised I bought all my herbs from MasterFoods… huge fan!


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