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Potato and Corn Fritters

Now that July is ending, I'm seeing a huge flood of submissions for Little Thumbs Up! I'll defiitely visit each and everyone of your recipes, give me some time~!

I too, still have some potato recipes not yet blogged, so you will be seeing more potato recipes from me for the next few days!

Today's recipe is a very simple fritter - mashed potatoes (I used mashed potatoes and carrots), corn, egg, cheese, flour, coriander, salt and pepper! The crunch from the corn makes the fritters super addictive. I originally wanted to bake the fritters instead of pan-frying them, but I was craving for something fried... so pan-frying it is!

I made quite a lot of fritters from this recipe, so I froze the remaining cooked ones and reheat them in my oven whenever I crave for a snack. 

Let's start cooking!

1) Combine corn, mashed potato + carrot, parsley, egg and cheese together.

2) Mix in the flour.
3) Form into patties and fry until golden-brown.
Potato and Corn Fritters
Drain on paper towels and serve!


This post is for Little Thumbs Up (July 2014 Event: Potato) - organised by Zoe (Bake for Happy Kids) and Mui Mui (My Little Favourite DIY) and hosted by me! Do hop over HERE to see the linkup!


Potato Tuiles with Prawn Salsa

Potato Tuiles with Prawn Salsa
I probably snack 1/4 of these tuiles before the photoshoot...

When I was Googling for potato recipes to try, I saw quite a few baked potato chips recipe, somehow that reminded me of tuiles and off I went searching for potato tuile recipes! There are a few that used instant mashed potato - something that I will never buy because I don't like the taste of it. Luckily I managed to find one recipe that uses real mashed potatoes!

Potato Tuiles with Prawn Salsa

Making these tuiles is very easy, just mash a cooked potato with butter then whisk in the whites. I strained the mixture to get rid of lumps before mixing in salt and ground black pepper. Then they are ready to be baked! Feeling lazy to prepare a template, I simply spread a teaspoon of potato mixture and spread it out thinly with the back of a spoon.

Because the tuiles are very thin, they are very crispy when fresh out of the oven! They must be kept in an airtight container immediately once they are cooled so that they retain the crisp. One problem I faced was shaping them into a tuile shape. If I underbake them, the tuiles won't be as crispy and are also not able to hold their curved shape well. But if I bake them for too long, they will crack when I try to bend them. So in the end I left them flat, similar to the original recipe.

Potato Tuiles with Prawn Salsa

I decided to make a prawn salsa to go with the potato tuiles. In order to allow the tuiles to be soft enough to bend and hold the salsa, I under-baked the tuiles a little. The prawn salsa is also very easy to prepare and would have been even better with some avocado added (I omitted it because avocados are pretty expensive here)!

Potato Tuiles with Prawn Salsa

I definitely want to make this again - I'd probably make them thicker and stacked them as an appetiser, just like the one in the original recipe... will plan for it one day!

But for now, here are the step-by-step photos!

1) Peel, boil and drain the potato. Set over a colander to let the potatoes steam dry.
2) Mash the potato and mix in butter while the potato is still warm.
3) When the potato has cooled down, whisk in the egg whites until fully incorporated.
4) Strain the mixture through a sieve to get rid of lumps. 
5) Mix in salt and black pepper. Add in herbs if desired!
6) Spread the batter thinly with the back of a spoon.

7) Bake until golden brown.
8) Meanwhile, chop some tomatoes.
9) And cook some prawns.
10) Dice a little onion for some crunch.
Potato Tuiles with Prawn Salsa
11) Snip in some coriander. If only I have some avocado...
Potato Tuiles with Prawn Salsa
12) Add in olive oil and lime juice and mix well!

Potato Tuiles with Prawn Salsa
Yummy tuiles and addictive prawn salsa!


I'm submitting this to Little Thumbs Up (July 2014 Event: Potato) - organised by Zoe (Bake for Happy Kids) and Mui Mui (My Little Favourite DIY) and hosted by me! Do hop over HERE to see the linkup!